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In by Toni P

This recipe is a gift from our family friend, Jeff, who has hijacked our kitchen more than once much to our delight, and worked his magic creating a triple batch of these amazing gluten free treats using a cherished family recipe that he modified from his cousin Hae Jung Cho. She found it and says it is adapted from a recipe by Marcy Goldman, a renoun professional baker and food writer based in Montreal. Jeff adapted it further, and his has less sugar, actually only 1/2 cup per batch. Believe me you won’t miss it. Having searched the city from top to bottom, looking for the ultimate gluten free cookie, I can honestly say, these babies leave all the rest in the dust! We are serious cookie monsters in this family, so we know of what we speak. lol. It takes some time to do these and you must really pay attention to the technique, so you don’t get a cookie that is too thick in the center. They need to be thin and they will be crispy, and taste very buttery, through and through. You really have to watch these, it is easy to lose control. :)