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Trying to recapture the way I felt last summer when a life long friend and fellow foodie and chef and I went to Norway, I recreated an amalgam of this iconic Norwegian dish that is served in many parts of the country. It did seem that each city had their own ‘secret sauce’ and recipe for it. Some versions were rich with a luscious roux, containing flour to thicken. Some had the fish cooked right in the soup and served up in the bowl, like a chowder, and some, with a more delicate touch were served with fish cooked separately, (usually a mix of small pieces of cod, salmon, and other local seafood) first dished out into a wide bowl, and then covered with the delicious seafood broth at the table poured from a beautiful pitcher. I mixed up at least three recipes and came up with this which is my representation of Fiskesuppe. My take adds the fish into the soup for a short while right at the end and served all together, but I kept the broth on the lighter side. You are still using cream, but not too much and no roux. Note: you can also switch the whole thing up and use coconut milk or coconut cream if you want to avoid dairy, although that will not be Norwegian!