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Triple Meatballs!

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I am not vegan or even vegetarian, and that being said, I usually don’t post many recipes that include meat. Not that I don’t like the food (meat) itself. I like all kinds of animal protein and it is a part of my diet in small amounts. For my particular body, it is a resounding ‘yes’. However, I generally prefer to share the beautiful photos exploding with vibrant color when vegetables are the main attraction of our meals.
Last week I made a meatball dish that was comprised of organic pork, organic dark meat turkey and grass fed bison. The finished dish came out so incredibly delicious that I felt really compelled to share it. It lasted for a few meals with leftovers and was even better the second day. (I know people always say that!)
These three types of meat were combined with several other ingredients and cooked in a light broth using fresh, garden grown tomatoes of several varieties and fresh dill and cilantro. The broth was a combo of our favorite chicken and beef bone broth. For a carb light meal, we served it in bowls, with a little parmesan right in the broth. Pairs beautifully with a crisp green salad or a plate of baby broccoli with lemon and olive oil.