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This has been our answer to Thanksgiving Dinner for the last two years. Not sure what happened, but after a full lifetime of making turkey each and every November, we suddenly remembered that as kids growing up, there was always that coveted tray of Baked Ziti there on the table right next to the chosen bird! Just looking to change things up a bit, we decided to do just ‘that’ part and all the compatible side fixings. This dish is perfect for any holiday, especially Christmas! It takes some time to make it but it is well worth the effort, and it will make the house smell amazing as well as most likely give you some leftovers for ‘the day after’. You probably have many of the ingredients already right in your pantry. ** You can also make the sauce ahead of time, the day before or even weeks before and freeze, and then pop the meatballs and sausages right in the prepared sauce. Spreading this over two cooking days does break this up in a very manageable way.