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In by Toni P

“Fighting that annoying cold that everyone has been suffering with this season, I wanted to come up with a vegan version of bone broth to try myself and to be able to give vegan friends and clients to try. I am not vegan, and I do consume lots and lots of chicken and beef bone broth, so this had alot to live up to, taste wise, and it didn’t disappoint. Roasting the vegetables first, before boiling them, gives a depth to this broth, that is punctuated by the umami rich elements from the miso, Kombu, and shiitake mushrooms . Thinly sliced veggies, all slathered in miso and oil and roasted, then simmered in water til done. Cooled, strained and there you have it . The golden color comes from the onion peels. The Miso gives it the fermented elements and probiotics that make it super healthy. Can be used as a healthy tea/tonic, especially when under the weather, or as a foundation for a yummy soup.