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The days are longer, and the air is balmy. This meal seems to surface in the spring and summer months for us, when the eggplants and squash are at their bests and the herbs can come right out of the garden. Short of picking the veggies yourself, try to find a good farmers market for the best, freshest bounty. This dish pairs so nicely with crisp white wine and a crunchy green salad with a peppery/lemony vinaigrette. Make double and you can enjoy for breakfast or another dinner. These leftovers really hold up.

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This has been a family favorite, for end of the summer and early fall evenings. We are not ready for the all root veggie, more heavy types of winter soups. This has the squash and slightly ‘kicked up’ seasoned broth which has a spicy tone from the turmeric and curry powder that bring warmth to the nights that begin to cool off at dinner time. The nice touch is the pre-roasted squash that go in toward the end.
Prep the veggies in advance so they are all set up and ready to be added to the pot in order. This soup calls for onions and shallots but you can easily also add garlic in place of the shallots.

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Wild caught White fish fillets cooked in parchment packets in the oven, with fennel, olives, cherry tomatoes and lime slices. We used Chilean Sea Bass, but you can pick any firm fish you like. This dish pairs very well with rice or some yukon potatoes, (steamed or roasted) or with a big green salad if you are wanting to go paleo.